Superfast new chip stars at Intel conference

Superfast new chip stars at Intel conference

By Mark A. Kellner

Special to GCN

PALM SPRINGS, Calif., FEB. 16—A 1.5-GHz microprocessor—that's gigahertz—was the surprise star of Intel Corp.'s spring developer forum, which began here yesterday. Intel chairman Andrew S. Grove showed off the ultrafast chip, code-named Willamette, which will be introduced in limited quantities in the second half of 2000.

Grove and vice president Albert Yu also demonstrated a production version of the 1-GHz Pentium III, which he said would soon be available, also in limited quantities.

Company officials didn't say whether Willamette would be part of the Pentium III line or carry a new designation of its own. The chip incorporates 144 new instructions and will require the 400-MHz system bus that Yu also announced. Current Intel buses top out at 133 MHz.

Frank Spindler, Intel vice president for mobile systems, said Willamette would not show up in mobile platforms before 2001.

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