House Speaker Hastert sets up security team of GOP members

House Speaker Hastert sets up security team of GOP members

By Shruti Dat'

GCN Staff

House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) last month established a cybersecurity team of 18 senior Republicans who will use their committees as platforms to share information with other House lawmakers.

Rep. J.C. Watts of Oklahoma, who heads the team, had been considering such a panel since last spring. The team formed partly because of the recent denial-of-service attacks on commercial Web sites, said Pete Jeffries, Hastert's communication director.

'We must recognize that there are cyberrogues out there who want to cause trouble and create mischief,' Hastert said. 'We should see to it that our privacy, financial information and electronic commerce transactions are protected, while allowing the Internet to grow unfettered.'

The team this month will develop a blueprint of its plans. Besides Watts, the members are Reps. Charles Bass of New Hampshire, Brian Bilbray of California, Tom Davis of Virginia, David Dreier of California, Vern Ehlers of Michigan, Bob Goodlatte of Virginia, Robin Hayes of North Carolina, Steve Horn of California, Steve Kuykendall of California, Bill McCollum of Florida, Connie A. Morella of Maryland, George Nethercutt of Washington, Jim Rogan of California, Pete Sessions of Texas, Don Sherwood of Pennsylvania, John Shimkus of Illinois and Heather Wilson of New Mexico.


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