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By Claire E. House and Trudy Walsh

GCN Staff


DE-DIGITIZED. The Industrial Relations Department is archiving its computer records to 105-mm microfiche and 16-mm roll film with the XFP2000 Computer Output Microfilm recorder system from Anacomp Inc. of San Diego.

The system archives data and digital images of such records as employee, workers compensation, tax and financial files, said Sam Tullie, Planning Systems and Analysis Division records manager.


UNDER BUDGET. Alaska wrapped up its Year 2000 Program on time and under budget. With more than $16 million appropriated for the state's year 2000 effort, the program came out with $3.5 million left over as of last month, said Bob Poe, commissioner of the Administration Department.

The New Jersey Office of Information Technology, headed by chief technology officer Adel Ebeid, has formed the Customer Relationship Management Unit.

The state's most serious year 2000 problem was an automated recruitment system that was on the blink for two weeks, Poe said. Once the state figured out the trouble was a date code problem, it fixed the Lotus Notes system quickly, Poe said.


OFFENDERS ONLINE. The Public Safety Department chose IBM Corp. to develop a Web site that provides names, street addresses and photographs of convicted sex offenders.

The site, at, posts the addresses of more than 1,000 sex offenders who have been released from prison or put on probation. Visitors can search by either ZIP code or last name. By this summer the site will include a mapping function that will pinpoint the location of registered sex offenders and show their proximity to schools and day care centers. Residents can contact the department through the site to find the whereabouts of sex offenders whose addresses have not been verified by the department.


SEPARATE SERVERS. The Secretary of State's office upgraded Washington County's systems to new custom-built software from CMIS of Fayetteville and high-end Dell Pentium PCs. The state required the county clerk's office to keep PCs, servers and software for voter registration information separate from those for other county data. Officials felt that this was not feasible because they had been accessing all county and voter data from the same computer for five years.

'Eventually, the secretary's office let us access it from the same PC, but they made us move the data onto separate file servers,' county clerk Marilyn Edwards said. 'But it cost the county $13,000.'


ONLINE RENEWALS. The Motor Vehicles Department is planning to accept vehicle registration renewals online next month. DMV officials recently awarded a contract valued at $2 million to IBM Corp. to build an electronic government portal that will accept credit cards. IBM will develop applications software, deliver hardware and monitor the system.

IBM is going to perform $1.6 million worth of the contract as pro bono work, so the project will cost the state $400,000, DMV officials said. About 7.5 million vehicles and private vessels will be eligible for registration renewal over the Internet at


ROCKY MOUNTAIN WIRED. Colorado recently spruced up its Web site, at, with color photos of the state's mountains and flora. A one-stop service page soon will provide a single source for online forms, publications and other government services.

The new site's front end was created using Microsoft FrontPage, said Amy Jewett Sampson, deputy press secretary. The graphics of the state's natural resources were designed using Adobe Photoshop, and the site runs off a 550-MHz Dell PowerEdge Web server with a Pentium III Xeon processor and 256M of RAM, Sampson said.


OPEN SESAME. The state has signed a contract with Key Systems Inc. of Fishers, N.Y., to supply key access systems to Corrections Department buyers.

Seventh-graders at Patrick Henry Middle School in Sioux Falls assigned coordinates for digital images gathered by the space shuttle Endeavour's EarthKAM, such as this one of the Missouri River in South Dakota.

The company's KeyKeeper software, which runs under Microsoft Windows 2000 or earlier versions, looks up the authorization level of officers requesting access to facility keys. The system supports biometric readers, magnetic-stripe cards or personal identification numbers to grant access, and it sends out an alarm if keys are overdue for return.

Morse Watchmans Inc. of Oxford is the contract's other supplier.


ANTI-MENACE APP. The Long-Term Care Division's Incident Intake and Investigation Unit uses an application developed with Visual Basic 6.0 to field complaints about emotional or physical abuse to patients by employees.

The system, which records investigative activity, holds data in a Microsoft Access database and runs under Windows 98, systems analyst Jim Sutton said. The Adult Abuse Registry, a separate division system with the same setup, further tracks employees with valid complaints against them.


BABY WELLNESS. The D.C. Healthy Start Tracking System, which maintains data on women and children receiving assistance through a district program promoting newborn and child health, recently added reporting capabilities and notification of immunization due dates.

The system records services rendered, referrals, follow-ups, prenatal care, pregnancy history and birth outcome on a case-by-case basis.


FLYING HIGH. The Environmental Protection Department now provides environmental permit information through OSPREY, the One-Stop Permit Registry, at

Data and Adobe Portable Document Format forms reside in an Access 97 database running under Windows NT 4.0.

The site was developed using Visual Basic, and its Web software is Microsoft Internet Information Server 4.0.


NEXT STEP. The Municipal Court of the city of Macon is upgrading its computer system with custom software that will let residents pay traffic and housing violations tickets via the Internet and will let the court send no-signature-required documents to the state electronically.

The software will tie into the city's Police Department and Economic Development Agency, chief court clerk Frank Barrow said.

A programmer is developing the software using Delphi from Inprise Corp. The system will hold data in a Microsoft SQL Server database.


WEB WINDOW. The city and county of Honolulu recently awarded a three-year contract valued at $2.4 million to Cole Layer Trumble Co., a subsidiary of Tyler Technologies of Dallas.

The Dayton, Ohio, company will install its Integrated Assessment System software suite in the assessor's and tax collector's offices to administer property taxes.

The suite includes modules that give property owners Internet access to tax data and display property on digital maps. It has an Oracle Developer 2000 front end and accesses Oracle8 databases.


REAL POLITICS. The Idaho Legislature has teamed up with Idaho Public Television, a branch of the state's Education Department, to transmit over the Internet live audio and video of floor debates in the state House and Senate.

Bob Pyle, Idaho Public Television webmaster, said the site, at, recently began carrying presentations of the state's Joint Finance Appropriations Committee in RealAudio from RealNetworks of Seattle.

Site visitors need a copy of RealPlayer7, which is available for free at Recently, 366 visitors in one week listened to Gov. Dirk Kempthorne's state of the budget speech.


CONTRACT CONTACT. Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley announced plans to open a Public Information Office this summer to give the public and press greater access to the contracting process.

PCs at the office will link walk-in users to contract information through the city's Web site, which includes contract award listings, bid listings, bid tabulations, and a minority and women's business directory. Office staff will be available to help users navigate the site.


FULL PLATE. Indianapolis departments are working on several technology initiatives for this year, according to the city's annual budget.

The City-County Council plans several digitizing projects; the Office of Corporation Counsel is planning an Internet-accessible imaging system for parking tickets; the Office of Corporation Counsel's Collection Division will let visitors to its site search the ticket database; and the Office of the City Controller is building a payroll and accounting system to collect data more efficiently.


HALLS OF IT. The Information Technology Services Office has issued a request for information for the creation of what it calls a statewide 21st Century Learning Infrastructure to provide distance-learning opportunities both within and beyond the classroom. The program's four main components will be multimedia storage, production, conferencing and distribution.

The ITS Office posted the RFI at Submissions are due by March 17.


AD ASTRA PER TAXES. Kansas' motto is 'Ad astra per aspera,' which means 'to the stars through great difficulties,' an appropriate motto for just about everybody around tax time. The Sunflower State recently wrapped up the Automated State Tax and Revenue Administration System.

ASTRA was developed through a five-year partnership between the Revenue Department and American Management Systems Inc. of Fairfax, Va. The client-server system has generated about $70 million in added revenue by ensuring that each Kansas taxpayer pays a fair share of state taxes. ASTRA supports data capture, electronic filing, taxpayer account management, audit and enforcement. ASTRA also automated several Revenue Department employee tasks, including workflow management and data warehousing.


BLUE GRASS HELP. The KY CARES network, at, walks users or service providers through a basic needs assessment for residents seeking health, social and employment services within the state. It determines whether the needs are urgent and follows up questionnaires with lists of service providers.

By fall, the site will add basic eligibility screenings for programs such as Medicaid and Food Stamps, said Patrice Carroll, project director of the state's Simplified Access Program. There will also be advanced services such as point-and-click paging of protective workers by police officers on behalf of battered women, she said.


VIDEO VERITAS. The Social Services Department recently bought 44 videoconferencing-over-IP systems from VCON Inc. of Austin, Texas. VCON's MediaConnect 8000 group systems and Escort desktop PC systems were placed in 10 Family Support and Community Services offices throughout the state.

Before the videoconferencing equipment was installed, trainers and employees had to travel to Baton Rouge or Shreveport to participate in the training sessions. Now employees connect at one of the regional centers to the trainers' units over T1 lines.


ORDER UP. The Division of Purchases will upgrade its Warehouse Management System with the latest version of its current software from Gemini Systems Inc. of Falmouth.

The system handles accounting, ordering and inventory management for transactions between the state's central buying warehouse and state agencies, manager Andy Vellani said.

The new software will allow electronic purchase ordering and invoicing, and it will flag low inventory levels. Electronic invoicing will streamline required reporting to the state, Vellani said.


GET BACK. Montgomery County has completed the first phase of a five-year project to construct FiberNet, a voice, data and video asynchronous transfer mode network.

FiberNet will link public safety, health care and administrative agencies, as well as schools.

Integrator Arinc Inc. of Annapolis is installing APEX, IMX and MAC 1 switches from General DataComm Industries Inc. of Middlebury, Conn. GDC's Vital Network Services section will provide remote network monitoring, maintenance and on-site service for the backbone, due for completion in three years.


DSL FOR ALL. The Massachusetts Corporation for Educational Telecommunications, a state agency, has signed a $9 million contract with Digital Broadband Communications of Waltham for broadband services.

The company will bring communications services to commonwealth schools, libraries, state agencies and local governments through technologies including digital subscriber lines, T1 lines, and Integrated Services Digital Network and wireless communications.


SPEEDY DELIVERY. The Washtenaw County Circuit Court accepts briefs via e-mail in Microsoft Word, Corel WordPerfect and ASCII file formats.

Filers can visit the court's site and click on the Electronic Filing link for e-mail address and submission instructions. The system automatically forwards briefs to the proper judge based on the name indicated in the e-mail. The server then messages a confirmation of receipt.


TOO MUCH INFORMATION. When Dakota County officials put a geographic information system showing county property on the Web, it seemed like a good idea. The site included names and addresses of property owners in the county, including directions on how to get to the addresses.

Several law enforcement officers who lived in the county were concerned that it was so easy to find out where they lived, and they called the county about it. County officials said all property owners' names were taken off the Web version of the GIS.


PRO CONS. The state Information Technology Services and Corrections Departments are seeking a vendor to build an Offender Tracking System. The system will support a wide range of Corrections tasks such as identification, intake processing, drug testing and victim notification.

The system will replace VSAM and Adabas databases from software AG of North America Inc. of Reston, Va. It will run at three state-run institutions, four privately run facilities and several county regional jails under construction.MISSOURI

FOILED AGAIN. For six years, the Missouri Ethics Commission has been trying to post campaign finance reports on the Web for statewide candidates. Last month, the commission ruled that a $285,000 software program wasn't up to the job.

The commission had trouble accessing campaign finance data over the Web after the candidates submitted it using SDR software from SDR Technologies of Westlake Village, Calif.


TAXDEBTOR.COM. Since the Revenue Department began posting its top 50 delinquent taxpayers accounts on its Web site two years ago, 30 of the accounts have been paid in full.

Virginia Secretary of Technology Donald Upson demonstrates how state citizens can renew their driver's licenses over the Web.

The site, at, lists the name, city, tax type and amount owed by the 50 residents who owe Montana the largest amount of tax. Twenty-four taxpayers who appeared on the list have since set up payment plans, and 26 taxpayers have filed outstanding returns.


FIRE TRACKER. The Fire Marshal's Office recently released a request for proposals for software upgrades to its Fire Information Reporting System. The office is looking for off-the-shelf software, an office spokesman said. The system runs under Windows 95 and 98. About 250 local fire departments report to the system fire information such as the type of fire, and number of civilian deaths, injuries and property damage.


NOMADS NEWS. Gov. Kenny Guinn recently said that the state's main focus for the Nevada Operations Multi-Automated System is to get the welfare system federally certified by Sept. 30. NOMADS missed the deadline last year, and Nevada had to pay $3 million in fines [GCN/State and Local, June 1999, Page 8]. Faced with similar cumbersome welfare systems, other states, such as California, tossed their systems and started over again.

County officials have long complained about NOMADS' inefficiency and expense. The system is written in CSP, an IBM language the company doesn't market anymore. Nevada officials said that once federal certification is achieved, they will look into developing a simpler, less expensive welfare system.


DEWEY DIGITAL. City of Lebanon Library users can search the card catalog, renew books and place books on hold via the Web thanks to the UnicornOasis library management system from Sirsi Corp. of Huntsville, Ala.

The software, customized for public libraries, includes the WebCat Online Public Access Catalog for public Web access. Patrons call the library for personal identification numbers, which they enter in conjunction with their library card numbers to access the information, library director Susanne Robb said.


HELP US HELP YOU. The state Office of Information and Technology has formed a unit to work closely with state agencies and help them get the IT resources they need.

The Customer Relationship Management Unit will promote both employee and resident satisfaction through customer service agreements with each agency.

'As we begin to do business in the new millennium, if we do not satisfy and delight the customer, someone else will,' OIT chief technology officer Adel Ebeid said.


QUEUE BALL. The state's mainframe was down for a full day last month, tying up driver's license processing and creating problems at other state agencies.

The crash was caused by a bottleneck in the system's Cisco 7507 router from Cisco Systems Inc. of San Jose, Calif., said Mark Moores, spokesman for the General Services Department, which operates the mainframe. The router crashed because of a glitch in the queuing software. 'We're working with Cisco to prevent this from happening in the future,' Moores said.


SHARE ALIKE. Tompkins County is building a Countywide Information Sharing Network to let 50 public safety and criminal justice agencies within its boundaries share incident, arrest, corrections, courts and offender data.

TRW Inc. will install its E*Justice database system to integrate data among the agencies.

The network also will access state and federal public safety databases.


ED MAN. Whiteville City Schools has chosen Omnicore 5000 switches from Alcatel Internetworking Inc. of Calabasas, Calif., for the Gigabit Ethernet metropolitan area network it is building.

Fiberworks Inc. of Lawrenceville, Ga., is building the network, which will support Internet access, LAN connections, voice over IP, video and distance learning. Four remote schools and a main administration building are connected so far.


TAKE THE E-TRAIN. Gov. Ed Schafer focused on the benefits of technology in his recent state of the state speech. Schafer outlined several plans, including the development of a statewide high-speed network and more technology training for teachers. 'We have a train to catch. It's the e-train,' Schafer said.


LESS TAXING. Of the more than 500 Ohio municipalities that charge local income tax, Akron has become the first to offer Web filing for returns, tax commissioner Jim Neusser said.

Short-form filers receive an account number in the mail and enter data into a Web form developed using Microsoft FrontPage 98. The site, at, checks for errors before it accepts the data. If all goes well, a filer sees just three screens'an eligibility check-off, a data entry page and the completed form.

The data travels encrypted over the Internet and ends up in a Microsoft Access database.


COMPETITIVE PRESSURES. Gov. Frank Keating pressed for increased funding for technology in the classroom in his state of the state address last month. The governor's budget proposals include a bond issue to raise money for technology in the classroom.

In his address, Keating also cautioned Oklahomans about the competitive pace of technology. He quoted from an ad for Siemens AG of Germany that appeared in the Asian Wall Street Journal.

'This ad says as follows, 'As a teenager, you probably had a lot of fun building and designing your own printed circuits. You had all the time in the world to solder the various components onto a PC board.' '


CHOPPER MAPPER. The Transportation Department recently entered into a two-year agreement valued at $300,000 with 3Di LLC.

The Easton, Md., company will offer the DOT's Geometronics Unit large-scale mapping, helicopter surveys and topographic digital mapping.

The company will likely use ArcView or ArcInfo GIS software from Environmental Systems Research Institute of Redlands, Calif., but DOT has not specified a format, said Scott Russell, 3Di's west regional director of business development.


NO MAS. The Transportation Department (PennDOT) recently canceled a contract with ChoicePoint Services Inc. of Alpharetta, Ga., after the company potentially compromised the security of its driver records.

ChoicePoint'which legally provided driver records to insurance companies, employers and creditors'had been giving large insurance companies Internet access to Pennsylvania drivers' records. The companies then sold the records to unauthorized individuals over the Internet, a PennDOT statement said.


FIND ME. As part of a network upgrade to comply with federal regulations for locating 911 callers using mobile phones, the state is installing the ECS-1000 switching system and Sentinel 9-1-1 dispatch system from CML Technologies Inc. of Hull, Quebec.

ECS-1000 will let the Rhode Island Uniform System Authority network receive calls and data from various sources, including wireless providers that can supply approximate location data based on a mobile phone's signal, support specialist Ken Pomposelli said.


CLINICAL CONNECTION. Home health nurses in South Carolina will be able to access patient records and enter case information from their homes and patients' homes through the Statewide Home Health Computer System.

Delta Health Systems of Altoona, Pa., will build the system for the Health and Environmental Control Department.

It will run over an intranet to maximize security, and nurses will access the system with passwords. Each of the state's 13 health districts will administer security, Bureau of Business Management director Tony Lolas said.


HELLO DOWN THERE. Sioux Falls' Patrick Henry Middle School picked the latitude and longitude for some of the mapping photos that were taken by NASA's space shuttle Endeavour during its recent mission.

Seventh-grade science students submitted coordinates to the EarthKAM Web site, at, for the shuttle to photograph. The EarthKAM'short for Earth Knowledge Acquired by Middle School Students'was a Kodak DCS 460c digital camera in a Nikon N-90S camera body that takes pictures with a resolution of 2,036 pixels by 3,060 pixels.

The middle school was one of 80 schools participating in EarthKAM.


EAT WELL. The School Nutrition Program of the state Education Department lets more than 140 school districts apply for and report participation in the federal free and reduced-price food program.

The department developed the system jointly with EasySoft International Inc. of Hialeah, Fla., using Visual Basic, Visual Basic Script and Active Server Pages, technology coordinator Hugh Shelton said. Data resides in an Access database.

Education plans to allow reporting at the school level by fall of next year by installing an Oracle go-between database system.


LONE STAR TRANSIT. Harris County's Metropolitan Transit Authority recently decided to use Compusearch Software Systems Inc.'s Virtual Procurement Office for electronic commerce and procurements.

The Dulles, Va., company's VPO software has several functional elements: Prism, for contract and document management; FARA, which contains a database of agency regulations; and EC

Web, an electronic-commerce portal that lets agency users communicate with vendors over the Web. VPO works with an Oracle8 database on a Windows 95 platform.


OPERATOR, PLEASE. The Utah Public Service Commission awarded a three-year contract to Sprint Corp. valued at about $6.8 million to provide telecommunications relay service to state residents who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, blind and speech-disabled.

The company will process 27,000 relay calls each month. Sprint will offer disabled residents several new features, including bilingual service for Spanish speakers. Trained operators will serve as intermediaries to relay phone conversations by reading aloud messages typed by a deaf or hard-of-hearing customer on a text telephone (TTY) and sent electronically.

The operator then transcribes the oral response of the hearing person, and the message appears as text on the TTY of the deaf or hard-of-hearing person.


JUST ONE LOOK. Legacy Solutions of Roseville, Calif., will supply Vermont with a statewide budgeting system under an enterprise resource planning contract with PeopleSoft Inc. of Pleasanton, Calif. (see story next page).

The system will hold state agency and legislative budgets for comprehensive access by the Finance and Management Department. It will handle performance-based budgeting, wherein certain budget dollars are tied into results such as reducing deaths or increasing graduation rates, Legacy president David Cuttler said.


LICENSE TO RENEW. The state has become the first in the nation to allow online renewals of driver's licenses, according to its Motor Vehicles Department.

Most renewing drivers can visit the DMV Web site, at, enter a personal ID number and pay with a credit card. All PINs are mailed. Drivers up for renewal receive one automatically; others can request one through the site.


WASTE NOT. What to do with those outdated CD-ROMs? Take a cue from the Transportation Department's Matt Love, who thought that one nation's trash might be another country's treasure.

Love, publications supervisor for the Engineering Publications Office, devised a program to send the office's old CD-ROMs of technical engineering documents to developing nations. CD-ROMs have gone to sub-Saharan Africa's road departments, the University of the West Indies and the Federal Highway Administration's Pan American Institute of Highway Centers.

Love realized that when his office issued a new edition of engineering CDs, the previous CD becomes a useless piece of environmentally unfriendly plastic.


E-RECORDS. Kanawha County is electronically scanning, indexing and storing its public records through a system from Syscon Inc. of Northport, Ala.

The county's land, fiduciary and vital records reside in an Oracle7 Release 7.3 database.'The public can access the records via PCs in courthouse offices.


SNOW DAY. Several Wisconsin school districts'as well as others around the country'are using an online cancellation notification service on the Web at Users type in their ZIP codes or city names and receive information about cancellations for any participating organizations in the area. They can also sign up for automatic e-mail notification of cancellations and delays.

AccuWeather Inc. of State College, Pa., runs the site.


MEDICAID UPGRADE. The Health, Health Care Access and Resources Division's Office of Medicaid recently released an RFP for the development and operation of a new Medicaid Management Information System. The contract will run for five years.

The successful bidder will provide improvements to the system including document imaging, front-end navigation functions, Web-enabled features for data sharing and drug rebate processing.


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