Compaq introduces four varieties of 700-MHz Pentium III workstations

Compaq introduces four varieties of 700-MHz Pentium III workstations

The new Compaq Deskpro Workstation AP240 represents a bridge between desktop PCs and the company's higher-end AP400 AP550 and SP750 workstations.

It is priced from $2,689 with 128M of RAM, a 9G hard drive, a 32X CD-ROM drive, Intelligent Manageability software and ATI Technologies Inc.'s Rage Pro Turbo graphics card.

All four models run Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0 and have 700-MHz or faster Pentium III or Xeon processors. The $3,329 AP550 and the $4,222 SP750 use Intel's 820 chip set with a 133-MHz frontside bus. The SP750 has dual-processor capability, a 40X CD drive and integrated 10/100-Mbps networking as well as high-end graphics card support.

The $2,895 AP400, which also can accept dual 700-MHz Pentium III processors, is based on the Intel 440BX chip set.

Compaq plans to release Rambus versions of the workstations when the delayed Intel chip set using Rambus dynamic RAM technology becomes available.

More information appears on Compaq's Web site at

Contact Compaq at 800-727-4472.

'Susan M. Menke


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