GCN/State & Local wins national journalism award for Y2K issue

GCN/State & Local wins national journalism award for Y2K issue

GCN/State & Local last month received the Jesse H. Neal National Business Journalism Award from the American Business Press for the best subject-related series of articles among publications of its size for the September 1999 issue.

The special issue presented a broad summary of year 2000 preparations at the state, county and municipal levels throughout the nation.

Pictured clockwise from top left are Britt, House, Maringer, Bechetti, Roberts, Walsh and Temin.

GCN associate art director Phyllis L. Maringer redesigned the publication for the issue. GCN artist Michael Bechetti helped create illustrations and graphics.

GCN editorial director Thomas R. Temin accepted the award along with managing editor Vanessa Jo Roberts, assistant managing editor Julie Britt, and GCN/State & Local associate editors Claire E. House and Trudy Walsh during a luncheon at the Pierre Hotel ballroom in New York.

Temin said he attributes the win to 'the dedicated work of the staff and to GCN's total focus on the reader.'

GCN/State & Local competes among ABP's Class A publications having up to $3 million in yearly advertising revenue.

Stories from the award-winning issue of GCN/State & Local can be found through GCN's Web archive at www.gcn.com/state/index.html.

For information about the Neal awards, see www.americanbusinesspress.com.


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