Rambus memory arrives in high-end workstations

Rambus memory arrives in high-end workstations

By Susan M. Menke

GCN Staff

Although the supply pipeline has not fully opened for Intel Corp.'s new 733-, 750- and 800-MHz Pentium III processors and the i840 chip set for Rambus dynamic RAM (RDRAM) channels, Gateway Inc. and Hewlett-Packard Co. expect no long wait in filling system orders.

'I would expect a slight delay' for delivery of a top-end, 800-MHz E-5400 workstation, said Gateway product marketing manager Stacy Hand. 'The logjam hasn't yet cleared' for mainstream systems incorporating Rambus, which creates one or more superfast, 800-MHz memory channels.

Gateway prices a uniprocessor E-5400, including a 17-inch monitor, from $4,595 with a 133-MHz front-side bus, 4X Accelerated Graphics Port graphics, 256M of RDRAM and a 9G hard drive, all in a nine-bay midtower case. An 800-MHz model is $4,883 on Gateway's General Services Administration schedule contract.

Plenty of options

Buyers can order the system with a choice of preinstalled Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Windows 9x or Windows 2000 Professional. Hand said 85 percent of Gateway's federal buyers specify NT 4.0.

Also sporting the fast new processors is Gateway's E-4400 line, priced from $3,252 with an 800-MHz CPU, a 17-inch monitor, 64M of RAM, 4X AGP graphics, a 17X/40X CD-ROM drive and a 20G hard drive. The E-4400 can come in a five-bay desktop chassis or a seven-bay midtower. Hand said it is suited for entry-level computer-aided design applications.

HP's Visualize Personal Workstation line tops out at one or two 800-MHz Pentium III processors and comes with NT 4.0 preinstalled. The line uses synchronous 133-MHz dynamic RAM instead of 800-MHz RDRAM.

Starting at $2,899, it can integrate with Unix environments via bundled Reflection NFS Connection and Reflection X software from WRQ Inc. of Seattle.

Contact Gateway at 800-428-3929 and HP at 410-362-7627.

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