PanaSync CRT reduces glare in brightly lighted environments

PanaSync CRT reduces glare in brightly lighted environments

By John Breeden II

GCN Staff

Panasonic's plug-and-play PanaSync E70G CRT monitor is well-made but no head-turner. It does have a few outstanding features, such as its anti-glare coating.

The 0.27-mm dot pitch is standard for a 17-inch display. The viewing size is in fact 16 inches, again fairly standard for a CRT.

The PanaSync E70G has anti-glare coating and other features on a par with standard 17-inch monitors.

The monitor's high-end resolution is quite good. The PanaSync E70G can display 1,280 by 1,024 pixels at 60 hertz, and the image quality is among the best I have seen at that level.

By eliminating the annoying reflection from fluorescent lights and making dark colors look truer, the anti-glare coating might have had something to do with the resolution.

Panasonic recessed the screen about a quarter-inch into the case. At first I disliked the way the seating lessened the horizontal viewing angle.

But the recessed position cut down on interference from other light sources.'The controls are intuitive, consisting of two numbered buttons and two arrow buttons for left and right.

You adjust the monitor by selecting contrast, brightness, degauss or another setting with the No. 1 button.

Box Score     '''''''''''''

PanaSync E70G

17-inch glare-reducing CRT

Panasonic Communications and Systems Co.; Secaucus, N.J.;

tel. 800-211-7262

Price: $350

+ Excellent glare reduction

+ Good high-resolution performance

' No head-turner

Then you push the No. 2 button and use the left and right arrow keys to adjust your selection further.

It's easy and, unlike many other adjustment schemes, makes sense.

I saw no flicker in testing with video cards or when using the unit with a notebook computer.

The PanaSync weighed in at 34 pounds, which is on the low end for a 17-inch CRT. Its footprint was average, at 15 inches by 16 inches.

If you are looking for a 17-inch CRT to replace a 14-inch display, the PanaSync E70G performs well at a decent price.

If your office environment has exceptionally bright overhead lighting or big windows, the E70G's good anti-glare coating should give it an advantage over comparable monitors.

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