Army research center upgrades its Cray supercomputer

Army research center upgrades its Cray supercomputer

By Patricia Daukantas

GCN Staff

MAY 11'The Cray T3E-1200 supercomputer at the Army High Performance Computing Research Center in Minneapolis is undergoing an $18.5 million upgrade that will quadruple its performance and memory.

The improved T3E machine from Cray Inc. of Seattle will contain 1,088 600-MHz Alpha EV5.6 processors from Compaq Computer Corp., said Paul Muzio, vice president for government programs of systems integrator Network Computing Services Inc. of Minneapolis. It will have a peak speed of 1.3 trillion floating-point operations per second.

When the upgrade is finished in late June, the T3E distributed-memory supercomputer will have 557G of main memory and 6.4T of disk storage, Muzio said. It runs Unicos MK, Cray's proprietary version of Unix.

The Army computing center in Minneapolis conducts basic research and detailed computer simulations for the Army, particularly in the areas of computational fluid dynamics, chemistry and structural dynamics, said Charles Nietubicz, chief of the high-performance computing division of the Army Research Laboratory in Aberdeen, Md.

The upgrade is the first big order announced by Cray since SGI sold its Cray Research business unit to Tera Computer Co. of Seattle, which renamed the company Cray Inc., two months ago [see GCN story at].

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