Vint Cerf: Lead by example

Vint Cerf: Lead by example

Governments should resist the temptation to try regulating Internet security, the Global Internet Project warned last week.

'Government needs to lead by example, to show it knows how to secure its systems,' said Vinton G. Cerf, senior vice president for IP architecture at MCI WorldCom Inc. and a principal of GIP, an international industry group.

GIP's statement coincided with a Paris meeting of government officials from the Group of Eight industrialized nations.

Cerf said GIP also recommends that governments arrest and prosecute computer criminals, foster information sharing with industry, promote open standards, remove controls on civilian encryption technologies, release vulnerability data collected by the intelligence community, support research on Internet security, fund education of security experts and encourage cyberethics training.

The full statement appears on the Web, at

'Shruti Dat', Christopher J. Dorobek, and William Jackson

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