SigmaPlot 2000 graphing software gears up for output on the Web

SigmaPlot 2000 graphing software gears up for output on the Web

SigmaPlot 2000 graphing software from SPSS Inc. of Chicago has new graph types and an electrophysiology add-on module for biomedical data. The module reads large data sets directly into SigmaPlot without extra data acquisition software.

The new version of SigmaPlot for Microsoft Windows 2000, Win9x and NT has several functions beyond those in Version 5.0.

A Quick Transform feature for mathematical transformations requires no user programming. Built-in page layout templates arrange multiple graphs on a page and output Hypertext Markup Language to the Web. A Microsoft PowerPoint macro is included for slide-making. Export filters produce high-resolution, 24-bit color images.

SigmaPlot 2000, priced at $599, requires 20M of storage, a 32M minimum of RAM and a CD-ROM drive. Upgraders from the most recent versions pay $199. The electrophysiology module costs $149.

A free trial version of SigmaPlot 2000 is downloadable from the Web, at

Contact SPSS at 312-651-3000.


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