For the Deskpro EN, it's a case of the incredible shrinking footprint

For the Deskpro EN, it's a case of the incredible shrinking footprint

By Susan M. Menke

GCN Staff

Compaq Computer Corp. has given its Deskpro EN enterprise client computers their first face-lift in two years to accommodate the new Intel 815E chip set.

The 815E is the first chip set to integrate 3-D graphics, audio and a 10/100-Mbps Intel network interface.

The slimmed-down Deskpro EN is 20 percent smaller than current Compaq Deskpro models. For entry and maintenance, the chassis folds like a pocketknife, said Sharon Deol, the company's director of North American marketing.

Compaq has shrunk its Deskpro EN slim client, left, by about 20 percent from the size of its 2-year-old predecessor.

Closed Windows

Something else will be going away besides bulk. After Jan. 1, Microsoft Windows 95 will no longer be part of Compaq's dual-install operating system options, which offer at initial boot-up a choice of either Windows 95 or 98, or of Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000.

Microsoft Corp.'s decision not to let Compaq preinstall Win95 after that date is 'a real time issue for us to handle logistically,' Deol said. She would not comment on whether this month's antitrust judgment against Microsoft might affect the decision. The judgment placed restrictions on certain business practices that might not depend on the timing of an appeal.

'There's a bit of a lawsuit shakeout,' she said.

A Deskpro EN model preconfigured for the lowest price would have either a 600-MHz Celeron processor, starting around $900, or a 733- or 866-MHz Pentium III CPU, costing up to $2,000, all without monitor. Buyers can custom-configure PCs based on Pentium III chips rated up to 933 MHz, with 133-MHz front-side buses, online at

The new systems are in the same price range as current EN models, Deol said, but they have extra hardware, including 128M of synchronous dynamic RAM and 48X CD-ROM drives. Hard drives range from 10G to 20G.

Depending on form factor, the systems have three to five PCI slots and three to five drive bays. Enterprise buyers, Deol said, 'have embraced the small form factor' but want a long-lived chassis with standard parts and identical software images. 'They are into consistency.'

Bundled with the EN is a choice of Windows operating systems, plus Compaq's Intelligent Manageability software and the Altiris eXPress and PC Transplant tools for remote management.

Contact Compaq at 800-727-4472.

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