ThinkPads will run Linux

ThinkPads will run Linux

IBM Corp. plans to begin selling its ThinkPad A20m and T20 notebook computers with the OpenLinux eDesktop 2.4 open-source environment from Caldera Systems Inc. of Orem, Utah.

Until now, Dell Computer Corp. was the only notebook maker preinstalling Linux [GCN, April 17, Page 1].

IBM also said last week that its RS/6000 servers will offer the SuSE Linux distribution from SuSE Linux AG of Germany.

Meanwhile, Bluetooth wireless radio connectivity is making its way into IBM PCs and handheld computers. IBM's personal systems group plans to use the Motorola Inc. Bluetooth PC Card modem for notebooks and a Universal Serial Bus add-on connectivity device for larger systems.

Bluetooth-equipped devices such as computers, keyboards, telephones and printers can communicate spontaneously with each other at the 2.5-GHz frequency over a limited range.

'Shruti Dat', Bill Murray, Susan M. Menke and Christopher J. Dorobek

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