Which bugs bit the worst?

Which bugs bit the worst?

The Love Bug worm has been the most prevalent computer infection this year so far, topping the chart of the Top 10 list issued last month by antivirus vendor Sophos Inc.

The ILOVEYOU Visual Basic Script bug spread far and wide via Microsoft Outlook e-mail attachments, accounting for 36.7 percent of reported incidents last month, the Wakefield, Mass., company said.

But the Love Bug came in a distant second behind the Microsoft Excel macro virus Laroux as the most widespread virus in the 21/2 years Sophos has published its monthly reports.

Laroux, first reported in 1996, topped the overall lists for both 1999 and 1998. It accounted for 40 percent of reported infections in January 1999.

Other viruses on Sophos' Top 10 list all attacked 32-bit Microsoft Windows applications.'They were Kakworm, at 18.8 percent of reported incidents; Pretty, 6.4 percent; Ska-Happy99, 3.4 percent; Marker, 2.3 percent; Troj/Mine, Proverb-A and Melissa, 1.4 percent each; and Netlog, 1.3 percent.

'Tony Lee Orr, William Jackson and Patricia Daukantas

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