Panel makes monitors stereoscopic

The Monitor ZScreen 2000 modulator panel polarizes light to produce stereoscopic views of the images on a computer screen.

The ZScreen, from StereoGraphics Corp. of San Rafael, Calif., fits over the front of a 19- or 21-inch monitor. A user wearing lightweight, polarized eyewear sees three-dimensional images.

Both ZScreen models accommodate monitor refresh rates up to 120 hertz, StereoGraphics product marketing manager Ian Matthew said. The eyewear is not connected to the modulator panel, and more than one person at a time can watch a stereoscopic image.

The ZScreen works with systems running under Unix or Microsoft Windows NT and equipped with stereo-enabled graphics cards and software applications.

The $2,195 Monitor ZScreen 2000i has electronics integrated into the panel. The $1,895 Monitor ZScreen 2000 houses the driver electronics in a separate unit.

Contact StereoGraphics at 800-783-2660.

Tape library manages multiple storage

The Scalar 100 enterprise tape library from Advanced Digital Information Corp. can handle multiple storage and networking types via plug-in modules.

Users can configure the SCSI-based Scalar 100 for a storage area network by adding a FibreReady SAN module.

Contact Advanced Digital Information at 800-336-1233.

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