Instant Text app aids typists of all abilities

Instant Text app aids typists of all abilities

By Patricia Daukantas

GCN Staff

Instant Text software, originally developed for fast typists, also aids workers who type slowly or deal with a lot of standardized text or jargon.

Instant Text glossaries consist of abbreviations for commonly used phrases and appear on screen below the active document. Users can compile separate glossaries for different tasks.

The application from Textware Solutions of Burlington, Mass., analyzes a user's documents and compiles short abbreviations of long words and frequently used phrases, product manager Gene Kalb said.

The problem with adding macros for such things to word processing programs, Kalb said, is that typists must memorize all the shortcuts they have created.

Instant Text instead analyzes groups of stored document files and suggests its own system of abbreviations for each user's vocabulary.

It saves groups of abbreviations as glossaries that users can edit manually if necessary, Kalb said. When a user types one of the abbreviations from the glossary, the software prints the entire word or phrase corresponding to the abbreviation into the active document.

Instant Text can abbreviate single words, such as chcs for characteristics, or entire phrases, such as chatpf for contractor hereby agrees to perform the following. In the case of chcs and chatpf, choices for the first two letters would appear at the bottom of the screen whenever the user typed ch. Continuing to type would override the choices.

The software reduces the number of keystrokes needed to type each document, which could be a boon to people with dexterity problems, Kalb said.

The product 'really works well with repetitive typing,' he said. It is compatible with e-mail, word processing and browser programs running under 32-bit Microsoft Windows.

The introductory price is $165 per seat, Kalb said.

Textware Solutions is offering demonstrations of the product at two federal assistive technology centers: the Agriculture Department's Technology Accessible Resources Gives Employment Today, or TARGET, center [GCN, June 12, Page 8] and the Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program Technology Evaluation Center at the Pentagon.

Contact Textware Solutions at 800-355-5251.


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