IRS overhaul will tie IT to mission, modernization director says

IRS overhaul will tie IT to mission, modernization director says

By Shruti Date

GCN Staff

JULY 12'The IRS' modernization project will focus on acquiring information technology assets that will improve the service's ability to fulfill its mission, Bert Concklin, the agency's new business systems modernization director, said yesterday.

Flanked by chief information officer Paul Cosgrave and Tommy G. DeWeese, deputy director of the modernization project, Concklin described the role of his office in the overhaul.

His staff, which reached full size this month with 117 employees, must tackle one of the most complicated IT modernization projects in the federal government, said Concklin, who recently joined the IRS after 10 years at the Professional Services Council.

The office will focus its immediate attention on customer communications and customer relations management projects. It will spend significant resources examining the relations between IT and IRS' business needs, Concklin said.

'So often, IT organizations leap into operations without consulting the business units," Concklin said.

'That is classic government. But we are engaged in clear partnership,' he said. 'At every stage, we will have an intimate relationship so IT and business do not drift.'

His office will use performance-based contracts with clear task orders and follow a disciplined enterprise lifecycle, he said.

'We will have clear output expectations,' Concklin said.

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