New Palm price slashed to $149

New Palm price slashed to $149

By Susan M. Menke

GCN Staff

AUG. 7—The Palm m100 handheld computer, introduced today at a price of $149, seeks to neutralize rival Palm OS products from Handspring Inc. of Mountain View, Calif., Linux-based units from Transmeta Corp. of Santa Clara, Calif., and several devices that run Microsoft PocketPC.

The m100 handheld from Palm Inc., also of Santa Clara, does not have built-in wireless connectivity like its $399 Palm VII cousin or so-called Web telephones. But its new Note Pad application for handwritten notes can link to other apps running on the handheld and can synchronize with Note Pad on desktop systems running Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac OS. Jotting in Note Pad does not require use of Palm's Graffiti shorthand.

The Palm m100 has a flip-up cover, an alarm clock, a new HotSync cable and a $40 Universal Serial Bus connection kit. Like the Handspring Visor, the m100 can attach to third-party camera, modem, backup and other modules. It has 2M of memory and is compatible with Palm OS applications.

Contact Palm at 408-326-9000.

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