Storage appliance uses tapes instead of disks

Storage appliance uses tapes instead of disks

The StorNext family of network-attached storage devices from Advanced Digital Information Corp. of Redmond, Wash., uses tapes instead of hard disks to store up to nearly 24T of data, marketing director Stephen Whitner said.

The StorNext storage appliance holds 19 tapes with 950G of uncompressed data.

Disks excel at fast access to frequently used data, Whitner said, but by some estimates, only 10 percent of data is accessed daily. Another 20 percent is used monthly. The remaining 70 percent consists of static files used less than once a month.

'Most of the data on active disks is static, but people have to manage it and back it up as if it were active,' Whitner said.

If the StorNext tape containing a desired file is already loaded into the tape drive, seek time is a maximum of 27 seconds, Whitner said. If the tape must be loaded, it takes a minute or less to locate a file.

StorNext appliances use Sony Corp.'s Advanced Intelligent Tape drives and media. The workgroup device stores 950G to 1.9T, the enterprise appliance 3.95T to 7.9T, and the datacenter edition 11.8T to 23.6T.

All three models have 9G of cache and a 10/100Base-T Ethernet connection. The appliances work with both the Network File System and the Microsoft Common Internet File System.

The workgroup StorNext device costs about $35,000. The enterprise model is $50,000 to $60,000 and the datacenter model $100,000, Whitner said.

Contact Advanced Digital Information at 800-336-1233.

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