Data inspector. To eleminate tedious searching through thousands of files for lost data, the $100 PC Data-Finder search engine from of Bloomington, N.J., hunts down items on a hard drive that Microsoft Windows Explorer and other file finders can't see.

For example, PC Data-Finder claims to look into Hypertext Markup Language, Adobe Portable Document Format and even zipped files.'It can search common office suite extensions and implement searches based on Boolean logic, wild-card queries, proximity or phrases in any directory you specify.

PC Data-Finder even searches through e-mail by title, body, author, subject, keyword, date, footer or operator.'A trial version is downloadable from

Digital cash, too? Does your wallet have room for 6,000 high-resolution photos? [email protected] LLC of Irvine, Calif., has a Digital Wallet that can hold up to 6G.

Equipped with a Motorola ColdFire microprocessor and a Toshiba hard drive, the wallet-sized device operates independently of a computer and interfaces via a Universal Serial Bus port with digital cameras, camcorders, Macintoshes and PCs.

The $500 Digital Wallet's capacity stretches to hold high-res images, 110 hours of audio or about 1.2 million virtual pages. Check out the animated Max character on the company's Web site, at

IIS at risk from hackers? Microsoft Corp. last month warned that its Internet Information Server software has holes that could expose the code of some file types.

The company has rereleased a patch that was intended to remedy the flaw by prohibiting source code exposure.

The weakness is similar to another hole in IIS, which is vulnerable to a hacker who submits a certain character at the end of a uniform resource locator.

Visit the Microsoft site at, to download both patches, as well as a third and final patch that fixes a problem that could affect Web server response time.

VXD vexation. Any user who runs Microsoft Windows 9x should know what vmm32.vxd is and why it's necessary to reinstall the operating system if the .vxd file becomes corrupted.

vmm32.vxd is a virtual device driver library that contains the drivers needed for Windows 9x startup. Like a fingerprint, the Vvmm32.vxd library is different for every computer and cannot be copied over if corrupted.'No other user's file can restore it unless both systems were originally configured identically under the same Win9x version.

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  • Russia prying into state, local networks

    A Russian state-sponsored advanced persistent threat actor targeting state, local, territorial and tribal government networks exfiltrated data from at least two victims.

  • Marines on patrol (US Marines)

    Using AVs to tell friend from foe

    The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is looking for ways autonomous vehicles can make it easier for commanders to detect and track threats among civilians in complex urban environments without escalating tensions.

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