TeleWall blocks rogue modem access

A SecureLogix Corp. product called TeleWall acts as a telephone line firewall against unauthorized modem access into a data system.

TeleWall complements the San Antonio company's TeleSweep Secure, which scans systems to detect unauthorized modems that accept incoming calls and circumvent network security. TeleWall comes with professional services, client and server software, and sensor appliances.

The sensors work on T1, Integrated Services Digital Network and analog phone lines. They identify calls as data, voice or fax, enforcing security policies by terminating or logging noncompliant calls and sending alerts.

The sensors communicate with the server under Triple Data Encryption Standard encryption.

Two-sensor systems from SecureLogix start at $29,000; additional sensors are $7,000 each.

Contact SecureLogix at 800-817-4837.

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