Itanium OSes get ready to roll

Itanium OSes get ready to roll

Hewlett-Packard Co.'s 64-bit operating system for the Intel Itanium processor will have a last-minute addition: a Linux run-time environment that lets Linux software binaries run under HP-UX 11 for IA-64.

HP-UX is ready for the 800-MHz Itanium systems that will arrive later this year [GCN, May 22, Page 1]. Hewlett-Packard's plans also call for a Linux application programming interface for its PA-RISC processors, certification of HP NetServers for all leading Linux distributions, and Kayak desktop systems running TurboLinux Workstation 6.0 from TurboLinux Inc. of San Francisco.

In other Itanium OS news, Microsoft Corp. last month released software development and driver kits for its 64-bit Windows OS. The developers' tools run on 32-bit Windows platforms because no 64-bit test platforms are yet available except via remote access to Microsoft and Intel server farms.

'Tony Lee Orr, Julie Britt, Susan M. Menke and
Bill Murray

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