NOAA Web site recalls ancient droughts

NOAA Web site recalls ancient droughts

By Tony Lee Orr

GCN Staff

AUG. 28'The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has launched a Web site to show how paleoclimatic evidence and modern weather data can forecast drought conditions such as the Dust Bowl era of the 1930s.

Officials of the agency's National Geophysical Data Center in Boulder, Colo., said archeological remains such as pollen, charcoal, tree rings and lake sediment reveal cycles in the world's dry periods.

The site at, titled 'North American Drought: A Paleo Perspective,' discusses climatic data that existed before humans began making instrumental measurements with thermometers, rain gauges, barometers and anemometers.

The site is the second in the data center's Paleo Perspectives series. The first site, dedicated to global warming, is at

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