Judge holds up Lee's release

Judge holds up Lee's release

Although U.S. District Judge James Parker ruled that Wen Ho Lee should be released on bail until his trial, the judge has given the Justice Department the opportunity to file an appeal of the ruling before setting the former Energy Department scientist free.

Parker last week issued the stay on his ruling until Sept. 1. Prosecutors had not filed the appeal as of Wednesday, but indicated their intent to do so. Parker gave Justice until noon Friday to file the motion.

Even as they were planning their challenge, Justice attorneys on Tuesday were negotiating the conditions of the former Los Alamos National Laboratory physicist's release on $1 million bail. They had until noon Friday to complete a search of Lee's home and finalize the release terms.

Lee has been in custody since his Dec. 10 arrest on 59 counts alleging that he transferred restricted data to unsecure computers and tape at Los Alamos [GCN, Jan. 10, Page 44].

The judge's conditions of release include limiting Lee's communication, travel and home visits. He would wear an electronic monitoring device. Also, all electronic communication devices would be removed from the Lee home'with the exception of a single phone line.

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