SAM software segments files across libraries

SAM software segments files across libraries

System speeds up search and retrieval functions from multiple tape drives

By Patricia Daukantas

GCN Staff

New file segmentation software from LSC Inc. lets users of the company's Storage and Archive Manager File System (SAM-FS) middleware speed up recovery of huge files from tape libraries.

SAM-Segment extends the segmentation function of SAM-FS from disk farms to tape libraries, said Ernst M. Mutke, a product manager for the Eagan, Minn., company.

Beyond basic file system functions, SAM-FS can read and write files as if they were all located in primary disk storage, Mutke said. If the file system fills up, SAM-FS scans for unused files and transparently moves them to a backup storage system.

Typical hierarchical storage management systems copy an entire file whenever a user changes anything in it, even if the file is gigabytes in size.

'What segmentation does is cut the file into pieces and manage the pieces individually,' Mutke said.

Very large data files result from satellite imaging, remote sensing and other applications that produce continuous data streams.

SAM-Segment permits striping single files across multiple tape drives. It speeds up search and retrieval because users can read files back from multiple drives simultaneously, Mutke said.

If a user wants to edit a portion of a very large file on tape, SAM-Segment can retrieve only the active part of the file into disk cache.

'You can go straight into the middle of a file and start reading exactly where you need to read without having to go to the beginning and throw everything away until you get to that point,' Mutke said.

SAM-Segment assigns unique names to file segments and associates them with the labels of the tapes on which they are stored, Mutke said. SAM-Segment must be used in conjunction with the SAM-FS 3.5.0 file system and storage management software for SunSoft Solaris 2.6 and 2.7 platforms.

Both SAM-FS and SAM-Segment can work with other storage management products, including those from Legato Systems Inc. and Veritas Software Corp., both of Mountain View, Calif.

SAM-Segment is priced at $37,000. SAM-FS 3.5.0 starts at $6,000, LSC marketing director Margaret Hamburger said.

Contact LSC at 800-831-9482.

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