Panel urges an e-government office at OMB

Panel urges an e-government office at OMB

By Shruti Dat'

GCN Staff

SEPT. 5—The President's Information Technology Advisory Committee last week released a report on ways to improve public access to federal information resources and simplify internal and external government transactions.

The report, Transforming Access to Government through Information Technology, is the first in a series of follow-on recommendations to the committee's February 1999 report, Information Technology Research: Investing in Our Future.

'The recommendations offer us a path to better harness the potential of information technology and bring us closer to making the president's vision a reality,' said Neal Lane, the president's science and technology adviser.

The report suggests:

  • Funding an aggressive IT research program for the federal government's most critical long-term technology challenges.
  • Creating within the Office of Management and Budget an Office for Electronic Government to promote IT policies across agencies and a Government IT Innovation Program to fund high-risk, exploratory and experimental IT projects.
  • Establishing pilots and emerging technology centers to encourage IT integration across operational systems.

The report identifies several critical, long-term research issues for better citizen interaction with the government. They include security and privacy, data integration, software quality, scalable infrastructure and workplace implications.


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