Stop and think before launching NMCI

I urge the Navy and Congress to stop the Navy-Marine Corps Intranet from being implemented.

NMCI's goal is to privatize the service's computer communications services. Basically, we give a contractor our current computers and network, and the contractor rents it back to us at more than our current operating costs'a good deal for the contractor, but a waste of taxpayers' money.

I am a member of the Naval Aviation Systems Command team and find it wasteful that I will pay more than twice the current seat price to get the same services I already have.

In an NMCI report to Congress dated June 30, NAVAIR claimed a per-seat cost of $2,873. The same report's preferred alternative is $5,800 per seat.

There is no tangible or intangible benefit in the report in favor of implementing NMCI at NAVAIR or throughout the Navy and Marine Corps. It is a waste of taxpayer money.

Maybe parts of the service can use some help to become more computer efficient, but don't penalize the whole Navy. Solve the specific problem.

Using a Navy automobile analogy, if the car had a flat tire, the NMCI solution would be to replace the car, not fix the flat.

Most of the people I know work to become more efficient. We embrace improvements, but NMCI is a step in the wrong direction.

I'm amazed that a lowly GS-12 must point out to everyone that the emperor has no clothes. Perhaps if Navy brass had done a business case analysis first we would not be starting down the wasteful NMCI path.

Name withheld

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