Changes in network OS market obscure the future of NetWare 6

Changes in network OS market obscure the future of NetWare 6

The forthcoming NetWare 6 could be left in network limbo by the growth of competing network operating systems, plus what Novell Inc. chairman and chief executive officer Eric Schmidt has called the 'continued weakness in packaged software sales globally.'

In the first half of next year, Novell plans to release three versions of the NOS, at undetermined prices, for small, midsize and data center networks.

NetWare 6 will have symmetric multiprocessing capability for up to 32 processors and can cluster multiple servers for fail-safe operation. Under an Internet-style distributed storage model, Novell claims its Novell Storage Services can manage billions of NetWare volumes and directories, each as large as 8T.

The last year in which NetWare's LAN market share exceeded that of Microsoft Windows NT Server was 1996, according to Framingham, Mass., research company International Data Corp.

NT, Windows 2000, and various Linux and Unix distributions have steadily eroded NetWare's position within the LAN market.

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