GSA, FBI officers earn kudos

GSA, FBI officers earn kudos

WILLIAMSBURG, Va.'Federal employees behind two high-visibility systems projects last week received achievement awards at the Interagency Resources Management Council 2000 conference.

IRMCO's award for team achievement went to a group at the FBI's Laboratory Division for its work on the Combined DNA Index System. Donald Kerr, the division's assistant director, accepted the award for the CODIS team.

Sandra Bates, commissioner of the General Services Administration's Federal Technology Service, received IRMCO's individual award for overseeing the FTS 2001 procurement.

Law enforcement officials use CODIS to compare DNA samples of criminal suspects against a database of 100,000 DNA samples. G. Martin Wagner, GSA's associate administrator for governmentwide policy, noted some of the system's early, high-profile successes. For example, in May, the system helped agents link an inmate who was about to be released from prison to the 23-year-old unsolved murder of a child.

As to Bates' work, Wagner said her engineering of low-priced bridge contracts had helped agencies through the switch from the predecessor long-haul contracts under FTS 2000.

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