Devices have heavy-duty features, but they won't weigh you down

Devices have heavy-duty features, but they won't weigh you down

By Susan M. Menke

GCN Staff

The iPaq BlackBerry has several handheld organizer functions and uses keys instead of a stylus.

Thinness and portability continued to make inroads on the PC market with last month's introduction of the 4.9-pound Gateway Solo 5300 notebook PC and Compaq Computer Corp.'s iPaq BlackBerry wireless e-mail device.

The Solo 5300 starts at $1,499 with a 12.1-inch LCD and a range of Intel Celeron or Pentium III SpeedStep processors. Its modular, two-spindle drive bay is able to accept a choice of CD-ROM, CD-rewritable, DVD, floppy or Imation SuperDisk LS-120 drives, or a second hard drive or battery.

A 6G main drive, 32M of RAM, 2X Accelerated Graphics Port, an audio chip set and Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition are standard features for the Gateway notebook.

Compaq's pager-sized iPaq BlackBerry device, from Research in Motion Ltd. of Waterloo, Ontario, clips on a belt and handles all a user's e-mail accounts from a single inbox. Instead of a stylus like those of Compaq's iPaq Pocket PC and Palm handhelds from Palm Inc. of Santa Clara, Calif., the iPaq BlackBerry has a small keyboard built in. It incorporates calendar, address book and to-do functions.

The iPaq BlackBerry starts at $399 plus unlimited airtime at about $40 per month.

Contact Gateway at 800-846-2106 and Compaq at 800-727-5472.


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