USPS inaugurates NetPost

USPS inaugurates NetPost

The Postal Service added to its electronic-commerce lineup this month with the launch of NetPost Mailing Online.

NetPost lets mailers transmit documents, correspondence, newsletters and other first-class mail, along with mailing lists, to the Postal Service using the agency's Web site, at

The Postal Service routes the documents to a contract printer for processing and mailing. Each time a list is uploaded, the Postal Service checks it against the National Management System to standardize abbreviations and ZIP codes. Any unverified addresses are sent back to the customer for correction.

The launch of NetPost, formerly known as Mailing Online, is the start of a three-year experiment that officials hope will result in a permanent online service.

The price for the online services varies based on options chosen. A two-page document printed on standard paper, stapled, placed in an addressed envelope and sent first class would cost roughly 40 cents.

Tony Lee Orr, Patricia Daukantas and Kevin McCaney

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