NARA serves up records via Web

NARA serves up records via Web

By Susan M. Menke

GCN Staff

SEPT. 29—The National Archives and Records Administration yesterday announced that agencies can retrieve documents from NARA records centers over the Web.

NARA's Centers Information Processing Systems (CIPS), formerly available only as a dial-up system, is now online at Users can retrieve items from the 21 million boxes of federal records at 16 centers across the country via browser drop-down lists and check boxes, instead of the former function key sequences.

"Having access to CIPS online is a valuable new resource," said Bette Fugitt, records officer at the Agriculture Department, in a NARA statement. "We look forward to continuing developments."

Each of the centers has search aids, such as lists of archived materials dating back decades, but only a small percentage of the lists are online. They appear at Simple and advanced Web search functions also are available. The NARA Archival Information Locator database project aims eventually to produce an online catalog of all holdings.

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