Sun users preview Netscape 6

Sun users preview Netscape 6

Until the end of this month, SunSoft Solaris users can download Preview Release 2 of the Netscape Navigator 6 browser.
The preview version is available on the Web at

The final version of Netscape 6 for the Solaris operating environment will be out by year's end.

The 7.5M preview browser integrates instant messaging and supports the Extensible Markup Language, the Document Object Model and Cascading Style Sheets Level 1. It has the Java 2 Standard Edition Runtime Environment. The final version will also have Java 2 extensions and application programming interfaces plus XPCOM, a cross-platform workalike for the Microsoft Component Object Model, which makes the Java 2 and Netscape browser components interoperate.

Solaris 7 and 8 users who download the preview browser must disable proxies in the Preferences panel to view secure Web sites. The restriction will not apply to the final version.

'William Jackson, Tony Lee Orr and Susan M. Menke

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