IBM releases new S/390 server, renames entire product line

IBM releases new S/390 server, renames entire product line

By Patricia Daukantas

GCN Staff

OCT. 4—IBM Corp. has released the latest of its S/390 series of mainframe systems, renaming it the zSeries 900 eServer as part of a wide rebranding of its server lines.

In unveiling the new server Tuesday, IBM also announced new names for its RS/6000, AS/400 and Netfinity server lines as part of a strategy intended to emphasize the lines' similarities over their differences.

IBM redesigned the z900 mainframe into a 64-bit server powered by a 5-inch-square multichip module that contains 35 processors with copper interconnects. The z900 runs either z/OS, IBM's upgraded version of the OS/390 operating system, or Linux for zSeries 900.

In addition to renaming the S/390 series, the company will call its RS/6000 supercomputer line the pSeries—the p standing for performance—said Bill Zeitler, senior vice president of the IBM Server Group. AS/400 midsize computers will be known as the iSeries, and Intel-based Netfinity servers will become the xSeries systems.

Linux will run on servers from all four of the product lines, Zeitler said. OS/390 applications will run without modification on the z900 servers.

A typical starting configuration of the z900 server would cost roughly $750,000, Zeitler said.

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