Foundry's cache switch speeds access to Web links

Foundry's cache switch speeds access to Web links

By William Jackson

GCN Staff

A caching switch from Foundry Networks Inc. can intelligently route traffic based on content.

ServerIronXL/TCS offloads static Internet content to caches while directing dynamic content to the appropriate cache or to the Internet. Foundry officials said this speeds up access to cached material and reduces bandwidth demands on Internet connections.

Foundry of San Jose, Calif., is marketing the cache switch to government network managers as a cost-effective way to maximize existing resources.

'Internet links at government offices are not the fastest in the world,' product marketing manager Chandra Kopparapu said. 'The value of caching for them is dramatic.'

ServerIronXL/TCS organizes caches into logical groups to serve different content types and can load-balance multiple caches to eliminate content duplication. Administrators set the rules for which content should be cached. The switch examines the content of user requests to identify any dynamic content, bypassing the caches and routing the requests directly to the Internet.

ServerIronXL/TCS has eight 10/100-Mbps Ethernet ports and is configured exclusively for cache switching.

Content-aware cache switching is also a feature of Foundry's latest Internet IronWare software for ServerIron switches. Internet IronWare 7.1 can do load balancing for VPN-1 and Firewall-1 gateways from Check Point Software Technologies Inc. of Redwood City, Calif., as well as multizone firewall load balancing and global server load balancing. It supports streaming media and tracks traffic statistics over time.

Contact Foundry Networks at 408-586-1700.

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