Veterans can use Web to sign up for benefits

Veterans can use Web to sign up for benefits

By Tony Lee Orr

GCN Staff

NOV. 3 -The Veterans Affairs Department today unveiled two systems to let veterans apply online for benefits and health care. The move followed a similar initiative announced yesterday by the Social Security Administration.

To apply for health care, a veteran may fill out the 10-10 EZ application online. The electronic 10-10 EZ was tested at 30 VA facilities, officials said.

Once completed, the form automatically is encrypted for e-mailing to the VA health facility the veteran has selected. Employees there register the data, print the form and mail it back to the veteran for signature. Users can speed up the process by printing and signing the form at home and mailing it to the chosen center.

Similarly, Veterans' On Line Applications are available for those seeking money or services from the Veterans Benefits Administration. VBA employees transfer the encrypted information behind the firewall and print it for mailing back for signature, said Edward F. Meagher, special assistant for information technology to acting Secretary Hershel W. Gober. Meagher is awaiting Senate confirmation as VA's deputy assistant for IT.


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