CaptureEze Pro makes grabbing Web images as easy on a PC as on a Mac

CaptureEze Pro makes grabbing Web images as easy on a PC as on a Mac

By John Breeden II

GCN Staff

CaptureEze Pro is just the right tool for herding images from the Web into your PC corral.

CaptureEze Pro makes it easy to grab screens, windows, objects and other graphical elements.

On a Macintosh, capturing images is child's play'dragging and dropping from the browser into a folder. Under Microsoft Windows, it's a much trickier game.

CaptureEze Pro's primary function is saving browser images into a default folder on the hard drive. The user can define the default folder, or set up one, and define the screen capture keys. I used Shift and P; the default is the Print Scrn key at the top of the keyboard.

Pick a format

You also can select what format an image should be saved in, from the standard GIF, JPG and TIFF to some unusual formats. The setup options are very easy to configure.

If you do a lot of work on paper, another option is to print images instead of saving to disk. This is easier than using the default Windows print utility. For example, if you want to print an image from a large Web page, press the CaptureEze Pro print key and lasso just the part of the image you want.

Another advantage is that CaptureEze Pro can serve as a file converter. It recognizes 18 types of graphical files, and loading one and saving it as another type is easy.

Box Score

CaptureEze Pro

Screen capture and editing utility

Application Techniques Inc.; Pepperell, Mass.; tel. 978-433-5201

Price: $40

+Captures all or part of an image

+Makes graphics libraries and    converts file formats

'Somewhat primitive editing tools

Real-life requirements:

Win9x, NT or 2000; 10M of free storage; 256-color display; CD-ROM drive for installation

Once you've captured your image, there is a primitive editing component. Don't expect a cheap version of Adobe Photoshop'CaptureEze Pro can add only a limited number of effects such as interesting frames and edge colors. But it's possible to crop, rotate and change color levels.

One boon to Web design is that you can set the transparency levels to make, for example, see-through logos.

A previous review of the program [GCN, Sept. 6, 1999, Page 30] found that the resolution of captured screen shots was lost if the image size increased. The latest version, however, can maintain resolutions as well as other graphical programs'which is to say quite well, unless the user tries to blow things up to ridiculous levels.

Simple to use

A final advantage is that CaptureEze Pro makes the creation of a photo database simple. You can put up to 36 images into a catalog and print them out with descriptions as an organized image library.

I can think of at least five other PC programs, not to mention the primitive Save As tool in browsers, that can do the same kinds of things. And most Mac users would just laugh at the need for a third-party program to grab images.

In this crowded field, however, CaptureEze Pro does seem to offer the most advantages and one of the simplest interfaces. The learning curve for this program is about five minutes. Plus, the lasso tool captures exactly the part of the image you need.

That saves you both time and money, because you don't have to launch a complicated and expensive photo editing program after the fact.

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