Florida's Web team installs new servers to handle hits to election site

Florida's Web team installs new servers to handle hits to election site

By Donna Young

GCN Staff

Following the disputed presidential election last month, the Florida State Department Division of Elections' Web site, at election.dos.state.fl.us/index.html, got about 200,000 hits per hour from Internet users checking for the latest ballot counts. The site got so many hits that within 24 hours after the polls closed the state had to install three new servers to handle the traffic.

Gene Bryan, State Department chief information officer, said that within the first 48 hours after polls closed on Nov. 7, the site had received a total of 5.2 million hits.

'Our Web site wasn't set up to get hit by the whole world at once,' Bryan said.

'We weren't prepared for this kind of thing. I don't think anyone can see in advance that something like this was going to happen,' Bryan said.

Due to tight security the department is not able to release the types of hardware and software used for the site.

'We are doing our best to provide information to the public, but we also have to be careful to protect the site from hackers,' Bryan said.


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