CECOM has free buying app

CECOM has free buying app

A free Microsoft Excel 2000 add-in developed by analysts at the Army Communications-Electronics Command can help government purchasing agents determine the lowest overall cost when a vendor discounts various quantities of a product.

Michael Bogner, Bernard Price and Chuck Wong of the Systems Analysis Office at the Fort Monmouth, N.J., command developed the Microsoft Excel 2000 macro tool.

Product buyers do not have to develop a spreadsheet themselves. They simply launch the macro tool and fill in boxes for quantity ranges, unit prices and ordering costs to see graphically the lowest-cost quantity.

Surprisingly, the analysts found that the cheapest choice is never a quantity at the high end of a particular discount range. Buying a slightly larger quantity in the next range costs less overall, Bogner said.

E-mail Re Van Holt at re.vanholt@mail1.monmouth.army.mil to obtain the free tool.

'Susan M. Menke, William Jackson, Dennis Blank and Matt McLaughlin

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