IBM eServer keeps cool with copper-enhanced chips

IBM eServer keeps cool with copper-enhanced chips

By Patricia Daukantas

GCN Staff

IBM Corp.'s new 24-processor symmetric multiprocessing server uses the company's latest processors to run faster than its predecessor without running hotter.

The eServer pSeries 680, or p680, is a follow-on to IBM's RS/6000 S80 server. IBM recently renamed all its Unix, Linux and Microsoft Windows NT platforms as part of a rebranding strategy.

The 600-MHz IBM RS64 IV processors inside the p680 incorporate the copper-interconnect and silicon-on-insulator technologies that the company introduced last year. Copper reduces a chip's power consumption, and insulation between transistors and the underlying silicon helps prevent overheating.

The RS64 IV chips run up to 40 percent faster than their predecessors do, said Scott Firth, a product marketing manager for IBM's enterprise server group. They are 'a step along the line to the Power4,' the next-generation IBM processor, he said.

The p680 eServer has 4G to 96G of memory, a crossbar interconnect switch to reduce bus bottlenecks and 16M of Level 2 cache per processor.

It runs AIX 4.3.3, IBM's proprietary version of Unix.

A six-processor p680 eServer starts around $420,000. A fully configured 24-processor system would cost more than $2 million, Firth said.

Contact IBM at 800-426-2255.

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