DOD opens high-tech recruiting station in Virginia

DOD opens high-tech recruiting station in Virginia

By Matt McLaughlin

GCN Staff

DEC. 11—The Defense Department's latest effort to improve military recruiting came last week with the opening of a high-tech recruiting station at a shopping mall in a Washington suburb.

Defense officials opened the station at Potomac Mills mall in Woodbridge, Va., during the busiest shopping season of the year to attract as many young people as possible. The station has computer kiosks featuring flat-screen displays that potential recruits can use to find information about the military.

The station'from which the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard will conduct efforts to attract new personnel'represents a new direction in recruiting, DOD officials said.

'We're looking to equip [recruiting stations] with the more modern things that the young people of today relate to as a part of life'computer kiosks that they can look at and probe,' said Maj. Gen. Gary L. Parks, commander of the Marine Corps Recruiting Command.

The department held a virtual ribbon-cutting during which a touch on one of the computer kiosks' screens prompted a digital image of scissors to appear to cut a red, white and blue ribbon.

If the new recruiting effort at Potomac Mills, one of the nation's largest shopping malls, is successful, Defense officials said similar stations would be set up in other areas.

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