NIMA puts map imagery on Web

NIMA puts map imagery on Web

By Susan M. Menke

GCN Staff

DEC. 18—The National Imagery and Mapping Agency last week followed NASA and commercial Web sites by putting georeferenced images of the Earth online.

NIMA's new site,, has images and maps from both federal sources and commercial providers. It is accessible to most browsers through a downloadable EarthInfoApplet, and it accesses the CIA's World Factbook for political and economic details about any map location indicated by a mouse click.

Kathy Buono, a NIMA spokeswoman, said the site has 10-meter-resolution digital orthorectified images, which accurately show distances and angles by combining the image characteristics of a photograph with the geometric characteristics of a map.

NIMA developed the site in cooperation with the National Technology Alliance, a government-sponsored program for which NIMA is executive agent; the National Center for Applied Technology of Springfield, Va.; and the National Information Display Laboratory of Princeton, N.J.

Georeferenced Earth imagery is also available at sites such as, created by the Geological Survey, Aerial Images Inc. of Raleigh, N.C., Compaq Computer Corp. and Microsoft Corp. Another such site is, operated by Environmental Systems Research Institute Inc. of Redlands, Calif.

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