DOD to award $4.5 million in computer research grants

DOD to award $4.5 million in computer research grants

By Matt McLaughlin

GCN Staff

DEC. 20'The Defense Department will award $4.5 million in fiscal 2001 to universities for work in science and engineering fields that are critical to the protection of the nation's information infrastructure.

The awards will be presented through the Critical Infrastructure Protection and Information Assurance Fellows program. They will provide funding for up to two years for 19 fellows from 12 universities around the nation.

Delores Etter, deputy undersecretary of Defense for science and technology, said awards will be presented to:

  • University of California at Riverside for multimodal human identification for computer security,

  • Louisiana State University for cyberforensics,

  • Dartmouth College for critical infrastructure protection,

  • Harvard University for modeling and analysis of information and attack in computer networks,

  • University of South Carolina for its Advanced Solutions Group,

  • Carnegie Mellon University for survivable information systems,

  • University of California at San Diego for theoretical approaches to information assurance and intrusion response,

  • Cornell University for its Information Assurance Institute,

  • State University of New York for specification-based techniques for information assurance,

  • George Mason University for intrusion detection using data mining techniques,

  • Florida Institute of Technology for information assurance research, and

  • University of Colorado for support of tolerating intrusions through secure systems.

The program is designed to increase the number of postdoctoral and faculty scientists conducting research in information assurance and infrastructure protection. CIPIAF links academic researchers with Defense-funded scientists who are already established in these areas.

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