' Web spoofing often deceives unwary surfers into visiting pornographic sites, such as the infamous WhiteHouse.com spoof of WhiteHouse.gov. But the recent Bush-Cheneytransition.com spoof of the legitimate BushCheneytransition.org site took an even weirder turn. The home page looked almost real with its links, calendars, discussion groups, downloads and a mailbag'some of which actually worked. One of its main features was a recurring fictitious posting from Lynne Cheney, wife of Vice President-elect Dick Cheney. One 'Letter from Lynn' said the president-elect would make his father, former president George Bush, the CIA director once again. Another hinted that the Cheneys would share the Oval Office'and the White House'with the Bushes. The site's motto: 'To put the blitzkrieg back into elections and transitions.'

' Speaking of fiction, the site at www.macarthurpark.com promotes a feature-length documentary, 'MacArthur Park,' about the fictional assassination of Microsoft Corp. chairman Bill Gates by a Los Angeles sniper named Alek Hidell on Dec. 2, 1999. The independent film evokes the JFK assassination chronicle and is set for limited release early this year.

' Best federal job title of the outgoing administration: 'Thunderlizard of Reinvention.' That allegedly was the self-designated title of a member of Vice President Gore's National Partnership for Reinventing Government staff. What might top it in the new administration? Send your guesses to buzz@postnewsweektech.com.

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