Who's Who in Federal IT

  1. Bates

  2. Borland

  3. Brooks

  4. Bush

  5. Cosgrave

  6. DeVera

  7. Flyzik

  8. Garvey

  9. Heroux

  10. Hobbs

  11. Hunker

  12. Katzen

  13. Leo

  14. Mesterharm

  15. Molaski

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Rock-a-bye aircraft: The Air Force has a cradle-to-grave logistics support system for U.S. military aircraft that have been sold to friendly foreign governments. This is no minor project either. The Air Force Security Assistance Center last month awarded a $2 billion, five-year contract for the Parts and Repair Ordering System II to Lear Siegler Logistics International Inc. of Annapolis, Md. PROS II is run by the center, which officials working there described as a parts brokerage at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. 'We manage parts, repairs and engineering services' for nations that have bought U.S. military aircraft, said Tom Mann, director of center contracts. The estimated $2 billion price tag, which is funded by the foreign governments, includes the parts and services they will order through PROS II. 'We take the [foreign government's] requirement and pass it on to PROS, and the contractor handles the vendors,' Mann said. More information appears at 'Susan M. Menke

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