Marine's free program fills a vexing void

Marine's free program fills a vexing void

Sgt. Seraj S. Dhaliwal

Why did a Marine Corps gunnery sergeant write his own screen-printing program when there are plenty of commercial versions on the market?

'I was looking to fill a void,' said Seraj S. Dhaliwal, who is on active duty as a software analyst and programmer at the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center in Chesapeake, Va. He programs in five languages and several scripting languages.

Often, he said, 'a client is having a problem, and we cannot duplicate it in-house because we run a different platform, database or software version.'
With Dhaliwal's Print Screen, downloadable free for government use at, 'the client can provide us with the first to the last steps of the problem' by capturing successive screens in 24-bit bitmapped color or one of 16 other formats, he said.

He said about 400 people at the systems center are using Print Screen. Some capture screens to document procedures. Others illustrate the steps to perform a particular function, store examples of what they did in class or catalog images on disk to import into later sessions.

Print Screen, which runs under 32-bit Microsoft Windows operating systems, can be installed on networks as well as individual PCs, but it stores data locally so that users can make their own settings.

'S.M. Menke

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