USPS to create system to track mail flow

USPS to create system to track mail flow

By Preeti Vasishtha

GCN Staff

JAN. 9—The Postal Service today obtained funding approval from its Board of Governors to invest in systems that will provide real-time mail flow information for large-volume mailers and the service's management.

The board also approved investment in technologies that will replace existing account and employee timekeeping systems. The service will decide what to spend on the projects based on vendor proposals.

With the funding, USPS plans to upgrade 300 servers and buy 25 new systems to support postal and customer data requirements.

The service's customers need mail status information on flat parcels as well as letters, said Charles Bravo, the service's vice president for the information platform.

'Like our customers, we need this information, and we need it in near-real time,' he said. 'Our current systems cannot support these needs.'

The upgraded systems will collect data from all USPS automated equipment, including bar code sorters, parcel-sorting equipment and material-handling systems.

The centralized Time and Attendance Collection System will replace five existing timekeeping systems used within the service. TACS will provide USPS with a nationwide view of salary and benefit information.

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