• Cabletron sells integrated ATM switch

  • An integrated access device from Cabletron Systems Inc. of Rochester, N.H., puts voice, video and data on the same asynchronous transfer mode WAN.

    The SmartSwitch 1500 does inverse multiplexing over ATM and supports a range of ATM uplink options, from 1.54-Mbps T1 to 155-Mbps OC-3. ATM traffic shaping permits quality-of-service guarantees for voice, video and data applications.

    A SmartSwitch 1500 Compact base unit is $8,995 in a fixed configuration that supports 10/100-Mbps Ethernet, inverse multiplexing over ATM, circuit emulation for private branch exchange connectivity and T1 aggregation. The modular base unit is $6,995.

    Contact Cabletron at 603-332-9400.

  • Allied Telesyn makes Gigabit switches

  • The AT-GS900 family of unmanaged Layer 2 Gigabit Ethernet switches from Allied Telesyn International Corp. of Bothell, Wash., supplies high-bandwidth backbone connectivity for workgroups, data centers and server farms.

    The two models support half- or full-duplex operation, auto-negotiation and as many as to 12,000 Media Access Control layer addresses.

    The AT-GS903 has three fixed 1000SX gigabit ports and a single 10/100TX port. It can connect workgroups or individual desktop devices at gigabit speeds while the 10/100TX port connects shared peripherals, standard Ethernet segments or backbones.

    The AT-GS904 has four fixed 1000SX ports. The AT-GS903 is priced at $1,690, the AT-GS904 at $1,840.

    Contact Allied Telesyn at 800-424-4284.

  • Comsat extends IP network wirelessly

  • A broadband IP satellite networking terminal from Comsat Corp. of Bethesda, Md., can extend WANs without wire lines.

    The Linkway.IP terminal works with very-small-aperture-terminal rooftop antennas to build extranets or intranets or to connect remote sites on a wired IP network.

    Users can set asymmetrical transmission speeds ranging from 300 Kbps to 4 Mbps. The terminal's IP multicasting ability and bandwidth on demand suit it for applications such as video, database updates and software distribution.

    A Linkway.IP terminal starts at around $10,000.

    Contact Comsat at 301-428-4010.

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