Beta WordPerfect Suite 2002 is out with more Web-integration features

Beta WordPerfect Suite 2002 is out with more Web-integration features


Corel Corp.'s new WordPerfect Office 2002 suite will improve Web integration and compatibility with Microsoft Office formats.

Corel officials said they want to maintain their suite's dominance among federal users at the Labor and Justice departments and the Library of Congress.

The suite will be available this summer after a beta rollout. It will include the WordPerfect 10 word processor, the Quattro Pro 10 spreadsheet and Corel Presentations 10.

The CorelCentral 10 personal information manager will have a Hypertext Markup Language-compatible e-mail client for Post Office Protocol and Internet Message Access Protocol mail accounts, as well as group scheduling.

The PIM will continue to synchronize with devices running Palm OS from Palm Inc. of Santa Clara, Calif.

WordPerfect users can click on a block of text to convert it to a table. Tables will indicate a cell formula for mathematical functions, and an auto-formatting function will scan selected text to suggest an appropriate number of columns and rows.

Reveal codes stay

Corel officials said the Reveal Codes function in WordPerfect, long valued by users, will remain in the new version. In addition, WordPerfect's ability to publish files in HTML will be enhanced.

On the spreadsheet front, Quattro Pro will automatically size rows and columns and will have a 3-D rendering engine for graphs.

A Corel agreement with Oxford University Press will provide instant access to the 30,000-word Pocket Oxford Dictionary, as well as access to about 70,000 words in the Concise Oxford Dictionary.

'We believe this will be the best upgrade to the applications since the release of Corel WordPerfect 5.1,' said Graham Brown, executive vice president of business applications.


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