DOD recruits agencies for vendor database

DOD recruits agencies for vendor database


The Defense Department is quietly prodding civilian agencies to join in its Central Contracting Registration database to save time and eliminate duplication.

The Transportation and Interior departments have signed on, and negotiations are under way with the Treasury Department, the General Services Administration and NASA, Defense officials said.

To do business with DOD, vendors are required to register in the database. Wider government use of the registry would consolidate electronic funds transfer information and vendors' taxpayer identification numbers, Defense officials said.

Making CCR registration sweeping 'would eliminate the need for government employees to collect vendor data multiple times,' said Cynthia Hall, CCR program manager.

The Defense Logistics Agency's Joint Electronic Commerce Program Office, which runs the database, has modified it to accelerate electronic payments and the small-business registration process.

Points of contact

There are three new points of contact for doing electronic business.

The points of contact 'bring a level of personalization to CCR that move it from a data repository to an integrated system with other DOD e-business applications,' JECPO director Scottie Knott said.

'It will be nice to have everyone in one place,' said Larry Allen, executive director of the Coalition for Government Procurement, a Washington trade association. 'It has been a quiet process that indicates things are moving along.'

Allen said he believes most agencies would rather find all contractor information in one place than develop their own databases.

Transportation officials said CCR will raise their percentage of electronic vendor payments while cutting some required vendor reports. 'Single transmission of information rather than separately sending it for each contract award eliminates the barriers between procurement and finance functions,' DOT said in a statement. 'The system also will eliminate the need for the department to frequently update tables containing information on its vendors.'

The CCR staff recently added marketing partner ID numbers, which lets registered vendors set their own passwords for applications, including the online bidding systems associated with JECPO's procurement Web site, at, and the Past Performance Automated Information System.

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