Hill High Jinks


1. Data saver

5. A Hill agreement

7. Xerox's early research facility

9. Where members speak

10. Short name for Solaris maker

11. Scull rider's gear

13. Voting bells sometimes do this to nodding members

14. The Net's predecessor

16. Congressional cash

18. The sound from a phone

19. Procurement reformer who became Pentagon big man

22. Washington's on these

23. Government's buying handbook

26. Speak aloud

27. He takes a teacher's approach to oversight

29. After space, he landed in the Senate

32. This law abets outsourcing

34. FDDI is a type of one

37. Keep that data

38. Check a Net connection

39. Capitol's top

40. Hill decision

1. Monitor

2. Shortened Hill title

3. Bill redux

4. Number of chips in a quad-processor PC

6. An app contains lines of it

8. She raised a ruckus over Y2K

9. He likes to act

12.Congressional meeting place

13. Communications without strings

15. Network topology

17. Buoy type

19. Backbone

20. Questionable

21. Net start

24. Cyberspace

25. 'Let states buy off schedule contracts,' is his motto

28. Brooks Act's successor

30. Static on the line

31. Hard link

33. Metadata uses these

35. Congressional watchdog

36. Also

For the answers, go to and click on Crossword/Puzzle.


Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld has posted on the Defense Department Web site a 12-page list of quotations, reflections and quips he says have helped him survive and prosper during more than three decades of public service. Rumsfeld's Rules are a mix of well-known and anonymous quotes'some borrowed from former presidents, military generals and even his own children. His rules offer advice on categories such as 'Serving in the White House' and 'Politics, Congress and the Press.' 'The price of being close to the president is delivering bad news. You fail him if you don't tell him the truth. Others won't do it,' is one of the quotes. Another is derived from Rumsfeld's assessment of his son Don's operating principle at age 10: 'If it doesn't go easy, force it.' Rumsfeld's Rules can be found at'Dawn S. Onley

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